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Thank You for Supporting the Franklin County Patriotic Network
Purchases made through our Affilate Links pay us commissions.

We are a network of citizens, c​hurches and businesses joined together for the sole pur​pose​

of preserving our God given rights and freedom for the sake of our children by:  

                                                              Proclaiming our God given rights.​​
                                                              Identifying ​the violations of those rights and making them known to t​he p​ublic.​​​

                                                              Provide a unified voice of the citizenry.
                                                              Provide a body for the citizen to air their grievances.
                                                              Support and encourage the enforcement of constitutional laws.

At this time donations may be made by check only
Pay to:  
              Patriotic Network of Franklin County
             635 Thompson Ridge Circle
             Ferrum, Va. 24088